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October 2003 OIML Bulletin

The Acrobat PDF files of the articles published in this edition of the OIML Bulletin may be downloaded from this page.

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Complete Bulletin now available: Click here to download


Selection of standard weights for calibration of weighing instruments
Teuvo Lammi


The metrology system in Chile: Present situation and outlook
Hartmut Apel and Ignacio Lira

Measurement support services
Alfréd Menyhárd

Seminar 2020

Legal metrology tendencies in the Russian Federation
Alexander Astashenkov

Legal metrology in 2020 - Role of governments in Africa’s developing countries
Jackai Derrick Mosima

Perspective for China’s legal metrology
Li Dai


OIML Certificate System: Certificates registered by the BIML, 2003.05 - 2003.07


- OIML Workshop Report: MAA - Checklists
- COOMET TC 2 Meeting
- 19th WELMEC Committee Meeting
- 53rd CECIP General Assembly
- International Conference: The role of metrology in the conditions of a globalized market


New CIML Member; OIML Meetings; Committee Drafts received by the BIML