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January 2003 OIML Bulletin

The Acrobat PDF files of the articles published in this edition of the OIML Bulletin may be downloaded from this page.

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Complete Bulletin now available: Click here to download

Seminar 2020 - Saint-Jean-de-Luz, September 2002

General introduction to the Seminar
Gerard Faber

Trends in legal metrology towards a global measurement system
Manfred Kochsiek

Issues and trends in legal metrology from a U.S. perspective
Charles Ehrlich and Henry Oppermann

Seminar Conclusions and Report


Metrology in Cambodia
Meas Phon

Saint-Jean 2002

Meeting of the OIML Development Council & Report of the Task Group meeting

37th Meeting of the International Committee of Legal Metrology

Report on BIML activities, 2001.10 – 2002.09


OIML Certificate System: Certificates registered by the BIML, 2002.08 – 2002.10


- OIML TC 12 meeting
- 12th COOMET Committee Meeting
- Metric-only Labeling Public Forum (USA)
- SADCMEL News; NWML Training Course Announcement
- South Yorkshire Trading Standards Unit International Weighing Conference 2003

New Members; OIML Meetings; Committee Drafts received by the BIML

Announcement concerning the Listing annexed to the Bulletin