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Organizations in liaison with the OIML

This Liaisons page is now in the form of a database.
Please inform the BIML of any incorrect or incomplete information by sending an e-mail to update.

Acronym Institution in Liaison with
  Compressed gas Association   BIML
  Consumers International   BIML
  Euroheat & Power   BIML
  International Council of Tanners   BIML
  International Federation of Societies for Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology   BIML
  Organisation Mondiale des Douanes   BIML
AAMI Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation   BIML
AIDMO Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization   BIML
APMP Asia Pacific Metrology Programme   BIML
AQUA European Association of water meters manufacturers   TC 3/SC 4, TC 8/SC 5, BIML
ARSO African Regional Standardization Organization   BIML
BIPM Metre Convention   TC 1, TC 2, TC 4, BIML
CCD-CUSCO Conseil de Coopération Douanière   BIML
CCE European Commission   BIML
CDMPEM Conférence des Directeurs de la Métrologie et des Prix et des Experts en Métrologie en Afrique   BIML
CECIP European Committee of Weighing Instruments Manufacturers   TC 1, TC 2, TC 3, TC 3/SC 1, TC 3/SC 2, TC 3/SC 5, TC 5, TC 5/SC 1, TC 5/SC 2, TC 6, TC 9, TC 9/SC 1, TC 9/SC 2, TC 9/SC 3, TC 9/SC 4, BIML
CECOD European Committee of Manufacturers of Petrol Measuring Systems   TC 3/SC 5, TC 5, TC 5/SC 1, TC 5/SC 2, TC 8/SC 1, TC 8/SC 3, TC 8/SC 7, BIML
CEN European Standardization Committee   TC 3/SC 3, TC 6, TC 8, TC 8/SC 1, TC 8/SC 3, TC 8/SC 5, TC 8/SC 7, BIML
CENELEC European Committee for Electrical Standardization   BIML
CEO Comite Europeen de l'Outillage   BIML
CETIE Centre Technique International de l'Embouteillage et du Conditionnement   BIML
CFC Common Fund for Commodities   BIML
CIE International Commission on Illumination   TC 4, TC 11/SC 3, TC 14, BIML
CIPEC Intergovernmental Council of Copper Exporting Countries   BIML
CIRED International Congress of Electrical Distribution Networks   BIML
CITEF Association of European Electricity Meters Manufacturers   TC 3/SC 4, TC 5/SC 1, BIML
COCERAL Coceral Secretariat   BIML
Codex Alimentarius     TC 6, BIML
COPAMA Confederation of Packaging Machinery Associations   TC 9/SC 2, BIML
CPI Industrial Gases Committee   BIML
EFTA / AELE European Free Trade Association   BIML
EHP Euroheat & Power   TC 11, BIML
EOQC European Organization for Quality Control   BIML
EOTC European Organization for Testing and Certification   BIML
ESMIG European Smart Metering Industry Group   TC 12, BIML
EUREAU European union of national associations of water suppliers and waste water services   TC 3/SC 4, BIML
EURELECTRIC/UNIPEDE Union of the Electricity Industry   TC 3/SC 4, TC 12, BIML
FACOGAZ Association of European Gas Meters Manufacturers   TC 3/SC 4, TC 3/SC 5, TC 8/SC 7, BIML
FAO Fao Headquaters   BIML
FEA European Aerosol Federation   TC 6, BIML
FIVS International Federation of Wines and Spirits   TC 6, BIML
GSO Gulf Standards Organization   BIML
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency   TC 1, TC 2, TC 15, TC 15/SC 1, TC 15/SC 2, BIML
IAF International Accreditation Forum   TC 3/SC 5, BIML
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization   BIML
ICC International Association for Cereal Science and Technology   TC 9/SC 4, TC 17, TC 17/SC 1, BIML
ICRU International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements   TC 15, TC 15/SC 1, TC 15/SC 2, BIML
ICSU International Council for Science   BIML
ICUMSA International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis   TC 17/SC 2, BIML
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission   TC 1, TC 2, TC 3, TC 3/SC 1, TC 3/SC 5, TC 4, TC 5, TC 5/SC 1, TC 5/SC 2, TC 6, TC 7/SC 4, TC 9, TC 11, TC 11/SC 1, TC 11/SC 2, TC 12, TC 13, TC 14, TC 15, TC 15/SC 1, TC 15/SC 2, TC 16/SC 1, TC 16/SC 2, TC 16/SC 3, TC 17, TC 17/SC 3, TC 17/SC 4, TC 17/SC 6, TC 17/SC 7, TC 18/SC 1, TC 18/SC 2, TC 18/SC 4, TC 18/SC 5, BIML
IFCC International Federation of Clinical Chemistry   TC 1, TC 3/SC 3, TC 4, TC 18/SC 5, BIML
IGC International Grains Council   BIML
IGU International Gas Union   TC 8/SC 7, BIML
IICA Inter-American Institute for Agricultural Cooperation   BIML
IIF Institut National du Froid   BIML
IIR International Institute of Refrigeration   BIML
ILAC International Laboratory Accreditation   TC 3/SC 5, BIML
ILO International Labour Organization   BIML
IMEKO International Measurement Confederation   BIML
IMO International Maritime Organization   BIML
INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization   BIML
IOCU International Organization of Consumers Unions   BIML
ISO International Standardization Organization   TC 1, TC 2, TC 3, TC 3/SC 1, TC 3/SC 3, TC 3/SC 4, TC 3/SC 5, TC 4, TC 5/SC 1, TC 6, TC 7, TC 7/SC 1, TC 7/SC 5, TC 8, TC 8/SC 1, TC 8/SC 3, TC 8/SC 3, TC 8/SC 5, TC 8/SC 6, TC 8/SC 6, TC 8/SC 7, TC 9/SC 1, TC 9/SC 2, TC 9/SC 4, TC 10, TC 10/SC 1, TC 10/SC 2, TC 10/SC 4, TC 10/SC 5, TC 11, TC 11/SC 1, TC 11/SC 2, TC 11/SC 3, TC 13, TC 14, TC 15, TC 15/SC 1, TC 15/SC 2, TC 16, TC 16/SC 1, TC 16/SC 2, TC 16/SC 3, TC 16/SC 4, TC 17, TC 17/SC 1, TC 17/SC 2, TC 17/SC 3, TC 17/SC 5, TC 17/SC 6, TC 17/SC 7, TC 17/SC 8, TC 18, TC 18/SC 2, TC 18/SC 5, BIML
ITC International Trade Centre   BIML
IUPAC International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry   TC 1, TC 2, TC 3/SC 3, TC 16/SC 1, TC 16/SC 2, TC 16/SC 3, TC 16/SC 4, TC 17/SC 3, TC 17/SC 4, BIML
IUPAP International Union of Pure and Applied Physics   TC 1, TC 2, BIML
IWA International Water Association   TC 3/SC 4, TC 8/SC 5, BIML
MARCOGAZ Technical Association of the European Natural Gas Industry   TC 3/SC 4, TC 8, TC 8/SC 1, TC 8/SC 3, TC 8/SC 6, TC 8/SC 7, BIML
NGV Global International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles   TC 8/SC 7, BIML
NGVA Natural and bio Gas Vehicle Association   TC 8/SC 7, BIML
OAS Organization of American States   BIML
OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development   BIML
OIE World Organisation for Animal Health   BIML
OIV Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin   TC 9/SC 4, TC 17/SC 2, BIML
OMCI Organisation Intergouvernementale de la Navigation Maritime   BIML
OTAN North Atlantic Treaty Organization   BIML
RILEM International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures   BIML
SANAS South African Accreditation System   BIML
SEAFDEC Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center   BIML
Synacomex Syndicat National du Commerce Extérieur des Céréales   BIML
UEMOA Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine   BIML
UN-ECA United Nations Economic Commission for Africa   BIML
UN-ECE United Nations Economic Commission for Europe   BIML
UNCITRAL United Nations Commission on International Trade Law   BIML
UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development   BIML
UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization   BIML
WB World Bank   BIML
WCO World Customs Organization   BIML
WHO World Health Organization   TC 18, TC 18/SC 1, TC 18/SC 5, BIML
WMO World Meteorological Organization   BIML
WTO World Trade Organization   BIML
WWTG World Wine Trade Group   BIML