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OIML Certificate System for Measuring Instruments
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Instrument categories (OIML Recommendations) applicable within the OIML Certificate System

Length and speed
     R 129  Multi-dimensional measuring instruments
     R 136  Measurement of area of leathers
Static liquid measurement
     R 85  Automatic level gauges for fixed storage tanks
Dynamic liquid measurement
     R 49  Water meters
     R 81  Measuring systems for cryogenic liquids
     R 105  Direct mass flow measuring systems
     R 117  Fuel dispensers for motor vehicles (R 117 + R 118)
     R 118  Fuel dispensers for motor vehicles (R 117 + R 118)
Gas measurement
     R 137  Gas volume meters
     R 46  Active electrical energy meters for direct connection
Weighing instruments
     R 50  Continuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments
     R 51  Automatic catchweighing instruments
     R 60  Load cells
     R 61  Automatic gravimetric filling instruments
     R 76  Non automatic weighing instruments
     R 76  Indicators for non automatic weighing instruments
     R 76  Load receptors for non automatic weighing instruments
     R 76  Printing devices for non automatic weighing instruments
     R 76  Point of Sales devices for non automatic weighing instruments
     R 98  Indicators for non automatic weighing instruments
     R 106  Automatic rail weighbridges
     R 107  Discontinuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments
     R 134  In motion road weighing instruments
     R 82  Gas chromatographs for measurement of pesticides
     R 83  Gas chromatographs / Mass spectrometers
     R 99  Exhaust gas analysers
     R 112  High performance liquid chromatographs
     R 113  Portable gas chromatographs
     R 116  Plasma atomic emission spectrometers
     R 123  X-ray fluorescence spectrometers
     R 143  Instruments for the measurement of effluents in the atmosphere
Medical instruments
     R 16  Non-invasive mechanical sphygmomanometers
     R 16  Non-invasive automated sphygmomanometers
     R 93  Focimeters
     R 104  Pure tone audiometers
     R 114  Clinical electrical thermometers for continuous measurement
     R 115  Clinical electrical thermometers with maximum device
     R 122  Equipment for speech audiometry
     R 128  Ergometers for foot crank work
     R 135  Spectrophotometers
Acoustics and vibrations
     R 58  Sound level meters
     R 88  Integrating-averaging sound level meters
     R 102  Sound calibrators
     R 130  Octave-band and one-third-octave-band filters
Ionizing radiations
     R 127  Radiochromic film dosimetry system
     R 131  Polymethylmethacrylate dosimetry system
     R 132  Alanine EPR dosimetry system
Physico-chemical measurements
     R 126  Evidential breath analysers
     R 109  Pressure-vacuum gauges with elastic sensing element
     R 109  Vacuum gauges with elastic sensing element
     R 109  Pressure gauges with elastic sensing element
Temperature, thermal energy
     R 75  Heat meters
     R 84  Platinum, copper and nickel resistance thermometers
     R 133  Liquid-in-glass thermometers
Testing of materials
     R 65  Force measuring systems of testing machines