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Second OIML Seminar
on Conformity to Type (CTT II)
10 October 2011 (Prague, Czech Republic)

On 10 October 2011, in conjunction with the 46th CIML Meeting, a second Seminar on Conformity to Type (CTT-II)  took place as a follow-up to the OIML Seminar on Conformity to Type that was held earlier in the year (29-30 June 2011, Utrecht, the Netherlands).

The objective of this Seminar was to further discuss the work that the OIML should undertake on the issue of Conformity to Type and to propose a draft resolution for the CIML to consider. The outcome of the first Seminar was taken as the basis for discussion.

A report of the first Seminar and the presentations of the second Seminar are available below.
A full report of the CTT-II Seminar will be produced by the BIML from the transcript of the audio recordings that were made of the Seminar. This report will be posted on this web page when it becomes available.


Stephen O’Brien

Program for the Seminar and Report on the June Seminar in Utrecht

Frank Lienesch, PTB UNECE Presentation
Corinne Lagauterie Presentation
Stephen O’Brien Draft Definition: OIML Conformity to Type (CTT)
Stephen O’Brien Report on the June Seminar in Utrecht
BIML Full report of the CTT-II Seminar
Not yet available

For further information please contact:

Willem KOOL
BIML Assistant Director
11 rue Turgot  |  F-75009 Paris  |  France

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