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What Will Legal Metrology be in the Year 2020 ?

Presentation Texts


The twenty-two presentations given at the 2020 Seminar
in Saint-Jean-de-Luz in September 2002
may now be downloaded as individual PDF files
or as a complete set in one PDF file.

Complete Set of Presentations

Download the complete set in one PDF file (1.2 Mb)

Individual Presentations

- Cover, Contents, Introduction and Editorial Notes


General introduction to the Seminar
G. Faber (CIML President)


The role of metrology in the cognitive society
T. Gaudin (Perspective 2100, France)


Trends in legal metrology towards a global measurement system
M. Kochsiek (CIML Vice-President, PTB, Germany)


How will the development of regional authorities and local authorities affect intergovernmental organizations such as the OIML?
J.F. Magaña (BIML Director)


Legal metrology and the Metre Convention
L.K. Issaev (CIML Second Vice-President, Deputy Director, VNIIMS, Russian Federation)


Pattern approval and pattern compliance in an age of globalization - The Australian approach
J. Bennett and A. Caster (NSC, Australia)


The face of legal metrology in South Africa and its possible influence in Africa supporting the New Program for African Development (NEPAD)
S. Carstens (SABS, South Africa)


Legal metrology in 2020 - Role of governments of Africa's developing countries
J.D. Mosima (Department of Prices and Metrology, Cameroon)


Desirable legal metrology framework for the APLMF
A. Ooiwa (APLMF President, NMIJ, Japan)


Perspectives for China's legal metrology
Li Dai, Zhou Yuangen (Jiangxi Province Bureau of Quality Technical Supervision, China)


Legal metrology tendencies in the Russian Federation
A. Astachenkov (Director General, VNIIMS, Russian Federation) (presented by V. Mardin, VNIIMS)


Issues and trends in legal metrology from a U.S. perspective
C. Ehrlich (CIML Member, Weights and Measures Division, NIST, USA and H. Oppermann, Chief of the Weights and Measures Division, NIST)


The expanding scope of legal metrology and the changing role of the state in a globalization world
J. Birch (Honorary CIML Member, Australia)


Towards total approach in legal metrology
B. Vaucher (CIML Member, Deputy Director, METAS, Switzerland)


New methods of intervention of the state and new tasks for legal metrology officers
G. Lagauterie (SDM, France)


Les évolutions du contrôle métrologique des instruments de mesure en France (Les nouveaux métiers de la métrologie légale)
G. Lagauterie (SDM, France)


Metrology in a global market
P. Van Breugel (NMi-Certin, The Netherlands)


The pattern approval process: the past, the present, the future, as seen by U.S. instrument manufacturers
D. Tonini, D. Flocken (US Weighing Instruments Manufacturers Association)


Change of the consumer protection in legal metrology as a result of new technologies
W. Schulz (WELMEC Vice-President, PTB, Germany)


Measuring instruments invisibly connected
W. Volmer (NMi, The Netherlands)


Measuring instrument technology and customer and contractor of legal metrology in mid 21st century
M. Tanaka (CIML Member, Deputy Director, NMI, Japan)


Progress and our genius for compromise
M. Birdseye (NWML, United Kingdom)


Opportunities and future trends in legal metrology control of measuring instruments
(S. Chappell, Honorary CIML Member, USA)

Conclusions and Report