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Technical Structures
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OIML Systems
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National Regulations
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Meetings, Seminars, Events
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About the OIML
Introduction, Structures OIML Convention: English   French
Information on becoming an OIML Member: English
OIML Membership Database of OIML Member States and Corresponding Members
Headquarters (BIML) Whom to contact at the BIML - Information on how to get to the BIML - Maps - Tourist information
Developing Countries Developing Countries web site. Also visit the Berlin Forum web site
Liaisons Organizations in liaison with the OIML
Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) signed between the OIML and other Organizations
VIP Pages CIML Presidency, Awards and Letters of Appreciation, CIML Honorary Members, Past CIML Presidents, Past BIML Directors
Becoming an OIML Member Information on how to become an OIML Member State or Corresponding Member
OIML Publications
Recommendations, Documents, Vocabularies, Basic Publications, Expert Reports, Guides, and Seminar Reports
Final Drafts Texts of Publications approved by the CIML but which have not yet undergone final editing and publication
OIML Bulletin Editions since July 1999 (The four most recent issues are password protected). Call for papers
Conference and CIML Minutes Conference Minutes, CIML Minutes, Development Council Minutes
Reference Documents Convention, Certificate System, MAA, Staff Regulations, Financial Regulations, Strategic Plan, Information Leaflets
Technical Structures

Technical Committees Search the database for OIML Technical Committees and Subcommittees by TC/SC number, by Country/Secretariat, or by Publication
Committee Drafts List of Committee Drafts
TC/SC Web Sites WorkGroups for a number of OIML TCs and SCs
Technical Liaisons Institutions in liaison with OIML TCs / SCs
Reports and Statistics 17 Reports extracted from the BIML databases concerning: OIML Membership, Publications, TCs and SCs, and the Certificate System / MAA
WTO TBT Notifications Recent notifications by WTO Member States of changes to technical legislation related to metrology or which may have implications for legal metrology.
OIML Systems

Introduction to the OIML Systems
OIML Certificate System Instrument categories applicable within the System
Search the Issuing Authorities database by Domain, Category or Authority
Recipients of Certificates
List of Certificates up to 2004.12.31
List of Certificates from 2005.01.01 including PDF files
MAA Information and Forum on the OIML Mutual Acceptance Arrangement
National Regulations
National Regulations Inquiry on the implementation of OIML International Recommendations - Results
Meetings, Seminars, Events
Bucharest 2012
Prague 2011
Orlando 2010
Mombasa 2009
Sydney 2008
Shanghai 2007
Cape Town 2006
Lyon 2005
Berlin 2004
2020 Seminar (Saint Jean de Luz, 2002)
Seminar on Smart Meters (Croatia, 2009)
Current and archived Conference, CIML Meeting and Seminar web sites

OIML Meetings Calendar
Other events
History of past events

Scheduled OIML TC/SC and other meetings; Events organized by other Organizations
Restricted Access
Members' Pages (password protected) BIML Circulars 2012
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OIML Projects submitted for CIML voting
Other documents for Members (Notifications, Reports, etc.)
Presidential Council Presidential Council Pages (Partial restricted access)