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Past Events


22-24 April 2013
Hotel Sheraton, Casablanca, Morocco

Exhibition on Measurement and Quality Exhibition of measurement and control equipment.

For more information, please Click here

SADC SQAM Annual Meetings

17-22 March 2013
Talatona Convention Center, Luanda, Angola

For more information, please Click here

Les Journées Techniques de la Mesure 2012

5-8 November 2012
Tunis, Tunisia

Le CAFMET (Comité Africain de Métrologie) et CK METROLOGIE organisent Les Journées Techniques de la Mesure 2012
du 5 au 8 novembre 2012 à TUNIS.

Des formations pointues en métrologie animées par des experts internationaux :

  • Outils statistiques pour l'exploitation des résultats de mesure - Abdérafi CHARKI - 5 novembre 2012
  • Traçabilité métrologique des analyses chimiques et introduction à l’évaluation d’incertitudes de mesure - Marie Caroline SCHBATH - 5 et 6 novembre 2012
  • Audit technique d'un laboratoire - PENIN Philippe - 5 et 6 novembre 2012
  • Mise en place d'un laboratoire de Métrologie dimensionnelle - Gabriel CLOITRE - 6 novembre 2012
  • Métrologie des températures et caractérisation des enceintes climatiques - Georges BONNIER - 7 et 8 novembre 2012
  • Etalonnage et vérification des instruments de mesure dans les laboratoires d'analyses et d'essais. Applications concrètes - Guy GIRAULT - 7 et 8 novembre 2012
  • Audit qualité d'un laboratoire - Abdérafi CHARKI - 7 et 8 novembre 2012
  • Incertitude de mesure : approche GUM et applications pratiques - Georges BONNIER - 5 et 6 novembre 2012
  • Incertitude de mesures : approche intra et inter laboratoires et applications pratiques - Mohamed BERRADA - 7 et 8 novembre 2012
  • Metrologie du volume et de la masse-volumique - Mise en œuvre des principales méthodes de mesure et d’étalonnage - Tanguy MADEC - 6 novembre 2012
  • Consultez le programme détaillé, le profil des formateurs et complétez votre forumlaire d'inscription en cliquant ici !

Milestones in Metrology IV

9-11 May 2012
Venice, Italy

With a new organizational set-up for the three-year international conference, Milestones in Metrology to be held from 9 to 11 May 2012, organizer NMi aims to attract a broader spectrum of visitors.

Moving from the Netherlands to Venice in Italy, the conference offers the perfect platform for a meeting between manufacturers, regulators, end users and metrological institutes in the field of metrology.

For further information, see the Event Web Site - Click here

CAFMET 2012 - 4th Metrology Forum

23-27 April 2012
Marrakech, Morocco

The African Committee of Metrology (CAFMET) is organizing the Fourth International Conference of Metrology in Africa CAFMET 2012, which will be a forum for industrialists and scientists to share information, ideas and experiences, during conferences, open discussions and on exhibition booths.

For more information, please download the Call For Papers - Click here


30 November - 1 December 2011
PTB, Berlin

The PTB is holding a Workshop entitled "Protection of Measurement Data in Legal Metrology and Related Challenges" on 30 November and 1 December 2011 at its German location.

For further information, please download the First Announcement. Other documents available are the Programme for the event, a list of hotels near PTB Berlin, and a Registration Form.

CAFMET 2011 - 3rd Metrology Forum

24-27 October 2011
Accra, Ghana

The African Committee of Metrology (CAFMET) is organizing the Third Metrology Forum in Ghana in October 2011. The themes will be:

  • Legal metrology
  • Accreditation
  • Metrology organization
  • Temperature, volume, mass
  • Measurement uncertaintities
  • Interlaboratory comparisons

Abstracts are invited before 30 April 2011 - for further information, see the Event Web Site - Click here. Program: Click here

15th International Congress of Metrology

3-6 October 2011
Paris, France

The Fifteenth International Congress of Metrology will be a meeting place for specialists in metrology from industry and scientific laboratories through:

  • 6 industrial round table sessions and about 180 presentations,
  • an exhibition comprising 70 booths of equipment and services, and
  • technical visits to companies.

The aim of the Congress is to contribute to the improvement of measurement in industry and research. The audience of the Congress is estimated at about 800 to 1 000 participants from 50 different countries and it is being organized by the CFM in partnership with:

  • major industrial users of metrology such as Eurocopter and Renault,
  • technical centres and providers such as Acac, BEA Métrologie, Cetiat, Cetim, and IMQ,
  • the following national institutes of metrology: LNE (FR), NPL (UK),
  • representatives from universities, and
  • European and international metrology key organisations : EA, Euramet, BIPM, OIML.

For further information, see the Event Web Site - Click here

Metrologia 2011

27-30 September 2011
Natal, Brazil

The 18th IMEKO TC 4 Symposium, IX Semetro, II CIMMEC and VI Brazilian Congress of Metrology will take place at the Convention Center of the Praimar Natal Hotel & Convention Center, Natal (Brazil).

Further information: http://www.metrologia.org.br/metrologia2011

An Introduction to Legal and Industrial Metrology

4-15 July 2011
NPL, Teddington, UK

This 10 day training course is designed to give delegates a comprehensive understanding of selected aspects of legal and industrial metrology theory and practice, which they can then apply in their own national metrology establishments. It is specially designed for participants from developing economies.

The course will focus on the balanced transfer of basic knowledge in legal and industrial metrology in theory and practice. It will also give a general overview of standardisation and accreditation, taking into account aspects of quality management (ISO 17025) in metrology/calibration laboratories.

Further information: Click here

Joint International Symposium


15-17 June 2011
Dubrovnik Riviera, Cavtat, Croatia

IMEKO (www.imeko.org) TC 11 Metrological Infrastructure, TC 19 Environmental Measurements and TC 20 Energy Measurement are organizing the Symposia Metrological Infrastructure, Environmental and Energy Measurement and Mediterranean Industry of the Sun that will be held from Wednesday through Friday, June 15-17, 2011, in Dubrovnik Riviera, Cavtat, Croatia.

Further information: www.imeko-mi2011.org

4th International Conference
on Metrology


23-24 May 2011
Jerusalem, Israel

The goal of this international conference is to enable participants to share their experience and expertise in calibration, measurement and testing, develop fresh insights and meet colleagues from other countries.

The conference is therefore being designed to facilitate fruitful interactions between laboratory managers, scientists who carry out calibrations and/or measurements, quality managers from industry including medical systems, policy makers and academicians. We are sure that such interaction will increase understanding between metrologists and their customers.

The conference theme is: “Measurement and Testing in the Service of Society.” We will concentrate on the impact of measurements, calibrations and testing on all aspects of daily life, thus ensuring that the conference will have a strong practical focus.

Further information: PDF document

World Metrology Day 2011


20 May 2011

Click here for the World Metrology Day 2011 web site

Metrology 2011


18-20 May 2011
Havana, Cuba

The National Metrology Research Institute, Cuba, is pleased to invite you to the 8th International Symposium “Metrology 2011”, to be held on 18-20 May 2011 in the Conference Center of Havana as an expression of the stronger links between Cuban metrologists and their international counterparts.

Metrology 2011 will provide an excellent framework for exchange among researchers, technologists and, in general, specialists on measurement in order to share updated knowledge and results through scientific discussion on Metrology, a science of unquestionable importance to develop research, production and services in any country.

Further information: PDF document

AFRIMETS 2011 Metrology School


7-16 February 2011
Nairobi, Kenya

The 2011 AFRIMETS Metrology School creates the opportunity to equip a younger generation with the knowledge necessary to take AFRIMETS to the next level. The lecturers that have been invited are all experts in their respective fields and the school will provide the opportunity for young metrologists to interact with them in a relaxed atmosphere over a period of ten days.

Further information: PDF document

Newspaper Article #1

Newspaper Article #2



17-18 November 2010
PTB, Berlin, Germany

Standard operating systems are increasingly embedded in measuring instruments. This is advantageous for manufactures und users of the instruments, on the one hand, but also raises questions with respect to the assurance of legal metrology requirements. Flexibility gained by operating systems can be contradictory to fixing the characteristics of an instrument by type certificates.

The aim of this Workshop, which is supported by WELMEC and Helmholtz-Fonds e.V., is to bring together experts from different disciplines and to discuss the above mentioned (and other) problems and approaches for solutions.

Further information:

- Zip file (Program, Hotel list, Booking form)

2010 Metrology Symposium


27-29 October 2010
Querétaro City, Mexico

The National Metrology Institute of Mexico (CENAM) is organizing the 2010 Metrology Symposium as a way to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of metrology. Over tree days, staff from calibration and testing labs, industry, research centers, academic institutions and several national metrology institutes will discuss and share advances, solutions and developments on the challenge of good measurements, supporting technological innovation and quality assurance of a broad number of products and services. Read more

CAFMET Special Technical Workshops
"Interlaboratory Comparisons"


27-28 October 2010
Rabat, Morocco

The CAFMET (African Committee of Metrology) is organizing Special Technical Workshops on "Interlaboratory Comparisons" on 27th and 28th October 2010 in Rabat, Morroco. These Technical Workshops will be only in French.

For further information (program, registration, location, etc.), please visit the CAFMET web site.

17th APLMF and Working Groups Meeting


13-16 September 2010
Victoria, BC, Canada

The 17th Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum and Working Groups Meeting will take place at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in September 2010. For further information, please visit the APLMF web site

An Introduction to Legal
& Industrial Metrology

7-18 June 2010
NPL, Teddington, UK

A two-week (10 working days) course is being held at NPL, designed for officers or those associated with offices of national metrology organisations that are already working in the field, but wish to deepen and expand their knowledge of legal and industrial metrology or those who are responsible for national metrology legislation.

This course is designed to give delegates a comprehensive understanding of selected aspects of legal and industrial metrology theory and practice, which they can then apply in their own national metrology establishments. The training course is specially designed for participants from developing economies.

Further information:

- PDF document

World Accreditation Day


9 June 2010

June 9th 2010 will mark World Accreditation Day, a global initiative jointly established by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) to raise awareness of the importance of accreditation-related activities. For more information, visit the ILAC web site

26th WELMEC Committee Meeting

6-7 May 2010
Bled, Slovenia

- Visit the WELMEC web site

6th International Exhibition
"Metrology-2010" and 2nd
Moscow International Symposium

18-20 May 2010
Moscow, Russian Federation

You are invited to take part in the 6th International Competitive Exhibition of Measuring Tools, Testing and Laboratory Equipment "Metrology-2010"and the 2nd Moscow International Symposium of Metrologists devoted to World Metrology Day, which will be held from May 18-20, 2010, at the All-Russia Exhibition Center, Moscow.

The exhibition "Metrology" offers over 200 participating companies from 12 countries, up to 20 collective expositions of federal agencies and establishments, public corporations, major holding companies and associations, over 50 regional standardization, metrology and certification centers and metrological institutes, with over 8,500 visitors attending. The symposium of metrologists includes up to 120 reports on the most topical subjects in the field of metrological support for industrial branches, which will be attended by more than 2500 specialists.

More details about the exhibition and the symposium:

- Information sheet

- Web site: www.metrol.expoprom.ru/en

CAFMET 2010 Third
International Metrology Conference

19-23 April 2010
Cairo, Egypt

Plenary conferences, Tutorial sessions, Exhibition stands

- Visit the CAFMET web site
- Download the Program [Last updated: 18 March 2010]

Seminar on Metrology &
Conformity Assessment

1-2 March 2010
Thon Hotel City Centre, Brussels, Belgium
(Organized in co-operation with Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, WELMEC and EURAMET)

For more information on TAIEX assistance and to download presentations of this event, please visit the Event web site and download a PDF file with more details.

Metrology Forum 2009

26-30 October 2009
Cotonou, Benin

In October 2009, The African Committee of Metrology (CAFMET) is organizing the "Metrology Forum 2009" which will take place in Cotonou, Benin. The main Conference themes will be:

- Legal Metrology
- Accreditation
- Metrology Organization
- Temperature, Volume, Mass
- Measurement Uncertaintities (calibration, tests, analysis)

The deadline for full paper submission is 19 February 2009, and to register and/or to sponsor the event please either:

- Visit the web site
- Download this PDF document
- E-mail the Organizers

14th International
Metrology Congress

22-25 June 2009
Palais des Congrès, Paris, France

The Congress is a meeting place for specialists in metrology from firms and scientific laboratories through oral and poster conferences, an exhibition of equipment and services, and technical visits to firms. The aim of the Congress is to improve measurement in industry and laboratories.

This event will gather together over 800 people from 50 different countries, and from every circle concerned with measurement:

* metrologists from companies,
* metrologists from calibration, analysis and testing laboratories,
* manufacturers and users of metrological equipment,
* quality managers, and
* teachers and researchers.

For further information, please visit: www.cfmetrologie.com/congres_en.php


19-21 May 2009
Moscow, Russian Federation

Achievements in metrology contribute to the creation of new and qualitative products.

The Metrology-2009 Exhibition and Symposium will show modern situations involving measurements and product testing, including nanomaterials and production manufactured on the basis of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies.

This Exhibition will bring together over 150 Russian and overseas companies, hundreds of specialists in metrology and vendors, and will thus be a key support for fruitful discussions of the current challenges being faced, and will be an aid in developing new business contacts and professional experience.

For further information: http://metrol.expoprom.ru/en/

This PDF document also gives more details.

Milestones in Metrology III

10-13 May 2009
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

In May 2009 the third Milestones in Metrology Congress will bring together regulators, manufacturers, end users and notified bodies to chart out maps for the future of legal metrology.

The Congress hinges around three key fields: oil and gas, traffic and weighing instruments. Each day will have a specific theme: global market access, software and future developments. The program will consist of plenary sessions and parallel streams, and there will be opportunities to meet colleagues during the evening receptions.

The Congress ties in with the 20th anniversary of NMi, and will therefore be a special event. Registration is now open (Click here) and speakers are invited to send in abstracts: this PDF document gives full details.

For further information, please visit: www.milestonesinmetrology.nl

17th International Conference
of the Israel Society for Quality

First Announcement and Call for Papers

18-20 November 2008
Jerusalem, Israel

The conference program will incorporate a wide variety of subjects in which many dimensions will be explored.
Topics will relate to industries such as:

* Biotechnology
* Alternative energy
* Aerospace
* Electronics
* Pharmaceuticals
* Food
* Process
* Medical equipment and sectors such as:

   - Small Organizations
   - Start-ups
   - e-business
   - Services
   - Banks and Insurance
   - Hotels
   - Public
   - Education
   - Transportation
   - Infrastructure
   - Health
   - Marketing

* This year, among others, topics will focus on:
* The Strategy and the Future of Quality Management
* The Role of the Quality Manager
* Quality Education
* Organizational Excellence
* Environmental Quality
* Information Security
* Safety
* Business Continuity Management
* Homeland Security
* Project Assurance
* Innovations in Standardization
* Metrology

You are invited to submit abstracts in all areas of quality and quality management. Joining us at the Conference will enable you to both participate in a stimulating and challenging learning experience and enjoy exploring Israel.

Further information: PDF file - Web site: www.isas.co.il/quality2008

International Symposium: "Metrology,
testing, and accreditation -
breaking the trading barriers"

12-15 November 2008
Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia

IMEKO TC 11 "Metrological Infrastructure" is organizing an International Symposium in November 2008. The aim is to bring together International Organizations including the BIPM, OIML, and ILAC, and Regional Metrology Organizations (RMO's). Representatives of these international organizations and the chairpersons of the RMOs will describe the functioning of their organizations. Representatives of National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) will be invited to present their work and to discuss key topics and challenges.

International Technical Sessions:
- Mass and related quantities (including force, pressure, air density, torque, viscosity and hardness)
- Electricity and magnetism (including RF and microwave)
- Length, form measurements, complex geometry, angular measurements
- Laser measurements, nanometrology, surface texture
- Time and frequency
- Thermometry (including thermophysical properties and humidity)
- Ionizing radiation (including radiometry and dosimetry)
- Photometry and radiometry (including fiber optics)
- Flow (including fluid properties)
- Acoustics, ultrasound and vibration (including accelerometry)
- Amount of substance

For further information, please visit: www.rmo2008.org

ISO CASCO Workshop: Conformity Assessment
Standards in Support of Market Surveillance

29 October 2008
Geneva, Switzerland

On 29 October 2008, ISO CASCO will organize a workshop on market surveillance before the ISO CASCO 24th Plenary Session to be held on 30-31 October 2008 in Geneva.

As the world becomes increasingly global and trade of significant value and volume regularly crosses boundaries, market surveillance becomes an imperative for safeguarding stakeholders' interests and ensuring the correct implementation of ISO standards.

Liberalization and globalization of trade have brought market surveillance into the international context. Regulators want to ensure that their population's health or safety is not endangered. "Business to business" relations need to happen in a climate of trust and confidence. And consumers want to be sure that what they are buying responds to their expectations in terms of quality or environmental impact for instance. Regulatory provisions, conformity assessment and market surveillance are important elements that need to be combined to ensure a fair and trustful climate for world trade.

Market surveillance can increase confidence in certification, accreditation and conformity assessment oversight processes, as well as protect the interests of Governments, business communities and consumers.

The workshop on Market Surveillance thus aims to:

* identify the areas of MS which could be addressed by ISO at the international level;
* determine if there is sufficient consensus on the potential need for international level of work on MS and if so what it should include as its scope;
* determine if there is a need for generic standardized base document for MS processes or other ISO deliverables; and
* determine how ISO can contribute to MS activities in the future.

Symposium of Metrology

22-24 October 2008
Queretaro, Mexico

The National Centre of Metrology (CENAM) is organizing the Simposio de Metrología 2008 as a means to exchange knowledge and to share experiences on measurement science and technology.

During three days, representatives of public and private calibration and testing laboratories, industry, research centers and academic institutions, and national metrology institutes from various countries will discuss and share their problems and solutions to the constant challenge of accurate measurement, as a key support for technological innovation and to assure the quality of products and services.

Participants from national metrology institutes, inspection authorities, government agencies, universities, research centres, commercial laboratories and other interested parties will take part in this Symposium.

Nationally and internationally recognized specialists in various measurement fields will participate in plenary sessions and there will be contributions from those involved in the daily task of measuring: they will present results and discuss their difficulties with the aim of obtaining proposals for improvement. In addition, specialized work meetings will be held where topical issues will be discussed.

A specialized industrial exhibition of measuring instruments, analytical equipment and related products, will show attendees the current technology in this field, with the help of manufacturers' representatives and suppliers of calibration and testing services.

Three additional activities will add value to this Symposium: Plenary sessions, two poster sessions to provide networking between specialists and colleagues from different fields in metrology, and a program of short courses / workshops, prior to the Symposium, on important current metrological issues.

We look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues at the Simposio de Metrología 2008.

For more information, please refer to www.cenam.mx/simposio2008/eng/descripcion.aspx

Market Surveillance Conference

23-24 October 2008,
San Anton, Malta

A Market Surveillance Conference will be held in Malta in October 2008 (Note: venue changed from London to Malta).

This two-day event will give delegates the opportunity to:

- Meet other people in Europe who are involved in metrological market surveillance
- Gain a full understanding of the current priorities in this field
- Develop an approach to tackle cross-border market surveillance issues, over and above their national strategies

The event will take place at the Corinthia Palace Hotel ***** in San Anton, Malta, on 23-24 October 2008.

For further information and more details including costs and accommodation arrangements, please download the Agenda and Registration Form, and visit the WELMEC web site.